Tuesday, December 2, 2014

If you're going to hate? How about TRY it first?

The following is a reactionary fuck-off piece against all the oh-so-snooty-hipster-ish ripping on RollingStone giving U2's "Songs of Innocence" #1 of the year.

FULL FUCKING DISCLOSURE -  I don't treat Rolling Stone as gospel.  They are just 1 among many Top whatever lists I enjoy reading as each year ends.  I don't box myself in.  That said....

Bottom Line - If you actually listened to SOI and hated it having done so, with thought process, and with definitive reasons, you have my respect for putting effort in.  That means you care about having an opinion that is forged from what YOU thought about the movie/album/single/whatever that you experienced.  That means your opinion came from YOUR mind and wasn't just some trend you jumped on to look cool, and for that you deserve serious respect.

If you're hating on it b/c hating U2 is trendy, get fucked.  If you're too lazy to actually give something a chance to SEE if you like or hate it, you're just another elitist hipster douche bag who likes to think they're oh so fucking important because it's trendy to hate on this or that person because that's what is "in" to do.  If you just spew hate about it without having listened to 1 second of it, what the fuck do you know about it, really?  Oh yeah, that's right.  NOTHING.  #DONE #DropsMic #WalksOffStage

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