Monday, March 18, 2013

A chance squandered

So Rihanna, after enduring abuse at the hands of chris brown - followed a time-honored music-industry trope and did the "release an album as catharsis after trauma" thing and this was the lead single.  It's slow-moving, creepy, and a stark departure from the bubblegum she was known for beforehand - and is great because of all that.

As happens too often, "Rated R" sold poorly, and every effort since has been a calculated chart-topper heat seeking missile - and her latest even includes a duet with the very same person who abused her.  Yes, you read that right - really kind of disappointing in so many ways. For all the retaliatory comments against her, I seriously hope she just [eventually] comes to her senses and kicks him to the curb again - Same as I do for anyone else out there just like her who has, for some inexplicable reason, forgiven someone who doesn't deserve it.

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