Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doing some "Night Work" this week.

Ask any Madonna fan and the odds are good they will call "Confessions on a Dancefloor" some of her best work post-2000. It was unmistakably Madonna, helped along by Stuart Price's production to turn it into what, I agree, is one of her best works, not just post-2000, but period.

Getting back to the subject at hand, Scissor Sisters came storming back onto the scene with their 3rd disc "Night Work". After the mix of subdued tones and glitzy trash-pop of "Ta-Dah", this one aims straight for the 80's, with a thick disco-ball sheen (even the Mapplethorpe cover art is straight out of the 80's). From the live-to-dance opener of "Night Work" to the dance-groove-meets-power-ballad "Fire with Fire" they start a fire from the opening minute and don't let up. Price proves, from start to finish, he has that touch - the producer who knows how, not to just put their stamp on the tunes, but how to bring out the best a band can do, and let that speak for itself. The grooves are sleeker, the instrumentation tighter, and the energy level is off the charts.

The album is a bit heavy on the high-glam sexytrash feeling with the lyrics - but this is nothing shocking for the sisters. Few bands can unleash a slew of double entendres, slinky come-ons, sneaky put-downs, and just raw sex appeal, and make it sound so good. And the closing triplet finishes it off so deftly - beginning with "Sex and Violence", with a pulsing groove, but a bit subdued, kicking into the stomping "Nightlife" and ending with the so-brilliant-it's-almost-blinding sheen of "Invisible Light". Truly, a first class record in the vein of "If this disc doesn't make you want to get up and move it, check your pulse", and a worthy addition to your collection.

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